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Sportswear trends today Since the early 2000s, clothing by discipline became more important. Specialty stores divide their inventory by sports. This makes it easier to find what each person is looking for. It is increasingly important to have the right clothing. Light clothes that allow freedom of movement and flexibility are highly valued. Technology has even allowed the development of fibers that combat bad odors and evaporate sweat for greater comfort for the athlete. Perhaps the most complicated thing today is choosing the right clothes among so many options. Each sport has its particularities and depending on what you are going to practice you have to choose the clothes. Let's learn about the demands of some of the most popular disciplines. yoga clothes Yoga is not a sport in itself, but a discipline that combines physical, mental and spiritual practices. But his practice includes a series of exercises that contribute to the improvement of physical condition. Although it is an old practice, during the last decade it has gained great popularity in the western world. And, in addition to yoga studios, gyms have also included it. In this discipline flexibility is worked a lot and the garments that are used must accompany this characteristic. Elastic materials and tight garments are used for yoga clothing, taking care that they are not transparent when performing the various positions. Running clothing Running clothing is chosen according to the time of year, because it is practiced outdoors. For this same reason, safety is very important and that is why garments with bright colors are preferred. Running shoes are a fundamental part of clothing. They have to be comfortable and adjust to the terrain where you are going to run. outdoor sports Running is not the only activity that is practiced outdoors. Outdoor activities have also become very popular in recent years. For any sport that is practiced outdoors, the clothing materials must be appropriate. Above all, if we refer to winter sports. The three main features of winter sportswear are breathable, windproof and waterproof. resistance training Resistance training demands a lot of energy from those who practice it. For best performance, lightweight garments made of breathable materials should be worn. The type of clothing that is recommended for resistance training is compression. These garments increase blood flow in the body and prevent cramps. Therefore, they will help you stay active for longer. Its sure a good way to ad to your perfect dieting plan . when you are already eating everything by measuring with Báscula Digital de cocina to prevent food fatness. gym accessories Clothing is not the only thing that athletes and sports brands are interested in. The use of gym accessories has also increased. Some are very functional, such as hair bands, which keep your hair up and prevent sweat from falling on your face. Bags, hats and even sports jewelry can be found today in any store. This has also contributed to sportswear becoming fashionable. And it is that it has become a trend to dress in this way for casual outings. What do you think of this post about the evolution of sportswear since the beginning of the 20th century? Did you know the history of fitness fashion? We would like to know what you think and how you go about choosing your sportswear.
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